On 2020, PhotoMechanics and iDICs merged for the first time to enhance science diffusion in the experimental mechanics community. In October 2024, the two main conferences on full-field measurements techniques are joining once again in France!


In 2023, the PhotoMechanics Association (https://photomeca.cnrs.fr/) was created to promote and disseminate quantitative image acquisition and analysis methods for studying the mechanical behavior of materials and structures in France. It also aims to promote the exchange of ideas and collaboration between the various fields contributing to photomechanics, and to provide forums and meetings (such as the PM-iDICs cycle) to share and disseminate knowledge in this field. Scientific and technical training in this field is also one of its main objectives.

Even before the creation of the association, national and international PhotoMechanics conferences were regularly organised:

PhotoMécanique1995, Cachan, France
PhotoMécanique1998, Marne-la-Vallée, France
PhotoMécanique2001, Poitiers, France
PhotoMécanique2004, Albi, France
PhotoMechanics2006, Clermont-Ferrand, France
PhotoMechanics2008, Loughborough, UK
PhotoMechanics2011, Brussels, Belgium
PhotoMechanics2013, Montpellier, France
PhotoMechanics2015, Delft, The Netherlands
PhotoMechanics2018, Toulouse, France
PhotoMechanics - IDICs 2020 , Nantes, France

Clermont-Ferrand is very glad to host this event for the second time, 18 years after its first edition in the city.



International Digital Image Correlation Society

The International Digital Image Correlation Society (iDICs - https://www.idics.org/), composed of members from academia, government, and industry, is committed to training and educating users of DIC systems and the standardization of DIC practice for general applications.

To support this mission, iDICs members develop and offer DIC certification programs that will be recognized world-wide and develop additional programs as appropriate to improve industry measurement techniques and practices for advanced DIC applications. iDICs also coordinates activities focused on DIC standards development.



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